Monday, May 13, 2013

Celebrities = Heroes?

At the last Rally Point meeting, several of the gentlemen at the meeting brought up the fact that celebrities in in this country are treated as heroes, and veterans quite frequently, are seen as a burden. Why is it that Kim Kardashian, is (for lack of a proper term) "Hero-fied"? Why do we look up to people like her? What does she do? NOTHING. And yet our vets are treated as nobodies when they WILLINGLY put their lives on the lines to protect us and our freedoms.I think that the roles should be reversed, Civilian life is a lonely place for veterans. Feeling as if they're the only one's who have seen what they've seen. Our society in general doesn't understand veterans, and they feel like its a thankless job.

As we went through the group, each person vented about the subject above and they want to change societies view of veterans. What is it that we can do to change non-veterans view of veterans?

The group came to close and as I was leaving, I as well as everyone there turned to a peer and sincerely thanked them for their service. I got into my car and as I drove away I thought "Wow, I never thought about any of this before" I feel like I am starting to scratch the surface of understanding on the whole subject, but still have a lot to learn. I look forward to (as did all the rest of the guys) the next time there will be a meeting. and as a reminder:

If you need help at any time, for any type of emergency, (life threatening, drugs/alcohol abuse, family violence, housing crisis,medical disorders) call us, and talk to a veteran who understands where you've been and where you are now. 1-855-RALLY4U (1-855-725-5948)

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